Liberia Telecommunication Corporation

The new Liberia Telecommunications Corporation (LIBTELCO) is Liberia’s National Operator and sole licensed fixed fibers provider in the country. LIBTELCO is the incumbent fixed lines and associated communications services provider.

Direct Fiber Connection

Fiber Optic has been noted

With the Libtelco Direct Fiber Internet users are assure of uninterrupted, dedicated and high speed internet at all times.  Users of our direct fiber optics connectivity can definitely transfer more data at very higher speed over a longer period of time with no interference.

Dedicated Wireless

One of LIBTELCOs big points

Libtelco Wireless Internet is connected to a high capacity dedicated fiber optic carrier capable of supplying Internet at enormous speeds. Specialized, long range, wireless transmitting equipment broadcasts this Internet signal from a central point in Monrovia.

Direct Ethernet Convertor

Another big points is Direct Ethernet

A device that enables our direct fiber users connections to UTP copper-based Ethernet equipment over a fiber optic link. By this Libtelco customers can be certain of Extending links over greater distances using fiber optic cable, Protecting data from noise and interference.

Unlimited Sites

Libtelco gives you the ease and freedom

Libtelco gives you the ease and freedom to connect as many homes as you like given the fact that it is at strategic locations.


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